image of indian women sitting at railway station

Indian Train Life

Below is a photo review of 5 women waiting for a train, Indian Train Life. If you missed my previous post, have a look at the Indian Railway Family

Photograhers perspective

Upon arriving at the train station, it was quite overwhelming due to the cold weather, fog and haze. Walking through the carraiges and opening the door I looked around and saw 5 people sitting together. You don’t often see an empty station with a small group like this in the UK. I wanted to capture a moment where people were sitting together getting on with there daily lives. I wonder if they were waiting for the next train or simply sitting as part of a daily routine? It made me realise that life can be positive as long as you have people around you. Have you experienced Indian Train Life?


This area was unknown as I was on a moving train. I assume it might be near Delhi-Haridwar region, India.

Camera gear & settings

Nikon D3200 + Nikon AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens
ISO: 400
1/250 sec

The 140mm focal length was very useful in capturing this photo. I was on the train and wasnt able to leave. This allowed me to get the shot.

I was shooting in aperture priority mode and set it to f/5.6. The train was about to move, I didnt get chance to set something higher however this aperture still works as the woman in the middle is the focal point and in focus.

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