Image showing Indian Railway Family

Indian Railway Family

Below is a photo review of the Indian Railway Family.


The photo was taken towards Ambala station. I was on the way to an area called Ludhiana in India.

Photograhers perspective

Part of this photo review is to give you an insight into the difficult sitations I have been put under as a photographer. On the train I happened to be walking through the carriages, the train had stopped. There wasn’t much time to think about the shot as the train was about to leave. I knew that I wanted to capture the Indian Railway Family including the children playing and the background to the shot showing the poverty. I want to portray the difficult scene, children playing around an open fire with a mother embracing her child. Above all in this photo one thing stood out. It’s that children will be children and they have fun no matter what.

Camera gear & settings

Nikon D3200 + Nikon AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens
ISO: 100
1/125 sec

For the most part I took my 18-140mm lens with me as its a great walkabout lens. As you can imagine if you are on a train, you cannot quickly jump out and take a detour! Therefore the focal range that the lens offers me is very versatile.

My decision to pick f/5.6 was because I wanted a little more detail and less of the image out of focus. I do wish I had set my camera to use a higher shutter speed. As you can see there is some motion blur! Not forget setting my ISO to 100 to keep the noise down.


I did some basic Lightroom edits in terms of exposure, contrast and white balance. I wanted to focus on the clarity in this photo as it adds to the intesity of the environment.

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