pentax q camera

Pentax Q Camera

The Pentax Q is a small 1/2.3inch sensor mirrorless camera. Its a fun, little camera with a removable lens and presented well in its style of build with its vibrant colour options, however the Pentax Q is no longer in production and recently there has been a resurgence in retro products. This means its very hard to get this camera in a good condition.


I own a Nikon D7200 and its baby brother the D3200 and wanted to add the Pentax to my collection as its for those days where you don’t want to take life to seriously. The camera allows you to focus on taking the photo, it even sports a dial on the front that lets you change the filters. The Pentax was a camera that was made around the boom of Instagram.


The camera has a 12MP sensor however I can hear you all saying, that’s not enough! These days we have huge mega pixels, and we don’t think much about the composition. Today we seem to shoot and crop what we want in Lightroom? Having a smaller mega pixel count makes you think about the shot. Thinking about cropping? – you will be limited. You will need to think about the shot more. The Olympus OM2n, (35mm film) is a vintage camera, I had to think about every shot. You cant just spray and prayer and hope for the best.


Do you really need to upgrade? Camera companies are pushing newer, quote-better-unquote cameras. The Pentax doesn’t have a million auto focus points. It doesn’t have eye focus like the Sony’s of today. It does have one thing going for it, its tiny, its fun and doesn’t break the bank. We are seeing a lot of manufacturers pushing fancy features. Does the average photographer need or even want these? They are driving the price up and pushing new models.


Would I sell my Nikon to buy this, No. The Nikon produces crisp images, it makes you feel superior and able to tackle any project. The Pentax makes you want to take pictures. You don’t have to worry that you have close to £1000 worth of gear on you. Can you imagine dropping your DSLR into a river or getting it stolen. It’s an eye sore and you may feel restricted, a little.

In conclusion, lets face it, the Pentax is cool and its from a time where the industry was pushing tiny devices and mirrorless was only just starting out. The camera has lots of personality however you need that to bring out your own personality out. Sometimes pictures with a workhorse camera like a Nikon just come out boring?

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